AstroVPN Rebrands to Veilock!

AstroVPN Rebrands to Veilock!

AstroVPN is now Veilock. This isn't a buy-out, sell-out, or anything related - we're still the same team and the same people.

Depending on who you ask and where you start, you can trace our name change to a new device from Amazon. We couldn't trademark AstroVPN! Amazon Astro is a cool little robot recently developed by Amazon to help you out around the house. We're all for innovative tech and wish Amazon the best in marketing the little guy.

So, we started looking towards the future. What's an easy-to-remember, unique name that still captures the essence of who and what we are? Veilock. Protect your online presence, and lock your personal information away from prying eyes. Onwards and upwards - and thank you all for being a part of the AstroVPN (now Veilock) family!

Recent Updates & FAQ

What does Veilock mean? It's a "coined" word (meaning it's not a proper English word) that combines "veil" (connotated with one of our key focuses: integrity) with "lock" (a word deeply rooted in security). Together, we get Veilock.

Why is AstroVPN no longer in use? AstroVPN has been in the process of trademarking its name with the USPTO as a way to secure its brand identity. Around the same time, Amazon registered a similar trademark named "ASTRO" before AstroVPN filed for "ASTROVPN". The "ASTROVPN" mark is likely to be rejected for the likelihood of confusion with Amazon.

New MyAstroVPN/Veilock Panel Features! We're very excited to announce that the control panel has made significant progress since we last shared news of it with the community. One major focus we have moving forward is putting control back in the hands of our end-users with their levels of privacy; eliminating the "one size fits all" ideology (and many more VPN/cybersecurity misconceptions).

Our new Vortex feature will allow our customer base to select from various threat types such as malware, spyware, advertisements, and many more fine-grained controls to opt into. We're super excited to put this level of control back to our users.

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