Outage Report: July 5th

Outage Report: July 5th

On July 5th, our service experienced an unexpected disruption that left us scratching our heads. Initially, we suspected a configuration issue, but as we delved deeper into the incident, we uncovered a series of events that led to the root cause. In this blog post, we'll take you through the journey of how we identified and resolved the issue that impacted our services and disrupted user experience.

The Incident Unfolds: Power Outage Amidst Nature's Fury

On that fateful day, a severe storm swept through Kansas City, unleashing torrential rain and powerful gusts of wind. The weather conditions took a toll on the local power infrastructure, leading to widespread power outages across the region. Unfortunately, our data center, situated in the heart of Kansas City, was also caught in the grip of this natural disaster. As a result, all our services abruptly went offline, leaving both our team and users in a state of concern.

Power Restoration and Lingering Issues

After battling the storm's aftermath, the diligent efforts of the local utility providers successfully restored the power supply. With optimism, we anticipated that our services would swiftly come back online as the lights came back on. However, the joy was short-lived, as we soon noticed that certain critical actions and functionalities were still failing, indicating that something deeper was amiss.

The OpenVZ Node Revelation: A Key Discovery

Recognizing the urgency, our team quickly sprang into action, collaborating with the data center staff to investigate the root cause. Through this meticulous process, we unearthed a crucial piece of information - an ongoing issue with an OpenVZ node. As luck would have it, our affected service was housed on a KVM that resided within that very OpenVZ node. This revelation sparked a fresh wave of inquiries and speculation, suggesting that the power outage might not be the sole instigator of the disruption.

The Quest for the Culprit: A Faulty Network Card

With renewed focus, our skilled system administrators and network engineers embarked on an intensive quest to decipher the underlying issue. They meticulously inspected the affected OpenVZ node, analyzing each component with keen eyes. After numerous iterations of diagnostic tests and collaboration with data center experts, a breakthrough emerged - a faulty network card was discovered on the troubled OpenVZ node.

The network card, a crucial conduit of communication between the node and the KVM, had been intermittently malfunctioning, causing communication breakdowns that led to the service issues. This discovery shed light on the interconnected nature of complex systems, where a seemingly minor component can trigger far-reaching consequences.

5. Swift Resolution and Robust Measures

Having pinpointed the root cause, we promptly replaced the defective network card with a new, reliable one. The restoration process was executed meticulously, ensuring that all configurations were verified and optimized to prevent any future anomalies. The revived services roared back to life, and the failing actions were now operating seamlessly as intended.

In the aftermath of this event, we engaged in comprehensive post-incident analysis to strengthen our system's resilience further. We fine-tuned our monitoring systems to detect network card issues promptly, implemented redundancy measures to prevent single points of failure, and reinforced our disaster recovery plans to be better equipped for any future challenges.


The July 5th service disruption was a compelling saga of resilience and collaboration. Nature's fury and the hidden fault within an OpenVZ node's network card tested our mettle, but our team's unwavering dedication and expertise proved triumphant. We are grateful to our users for their understanding during this incident and for being an essential part of our journey towards delivering reliable and uninterrupted services.

As we continue our commitment to excellence, we pledge to remain vigilant and proactively address any future uncertainties. Your trust and support inspire us to persistently enhance our infrastructure and safeguard against potential disruptions. Should you ever have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to our dedicated support team - we're here for you, always.