Using 128 CPU Cores to Generate Vanity Onion Addresses

Using 128 CPU Cores to Generate Vanity Onion Addresses
Photo by Maxim Berg / Unsplash

We are excited to announce that AstoVPN has been accepted into the prestigious Algolia Startup Program, and we have recently completed an innovative project to enhance our online presence. As part of this initiative, we rented a robust 128 CPU core system from AWS to generate a fleet of unique "vanity" onion addresses. In this article, we will explore the concept of a vanity onion address, explain the process behind generating one, and delve into the purpose of these addresses in relation to our mission of providing seamless Tor-based access to our website.

What is a Vanity Onion Address?

To fully understand the concept of a vanity onion address, let's first explore what an onion address is. An onion address, also known as a Tor hidden service address, is a cryptographic identifier that allows users to access websites and services hosted on the Tor network anonymously. Unlike regular web addresses that use domain names, onion addresses consist of a string of random characters followed by the ".onion" extension.

A vanity onion address, on the other hand, is a customized onion address that incorporates a specific word, phrase, or pattern of characters chosen by the website owner. It's like having a personalized license plate for your website on the Tor network. Vanity onion addresses are memorable, unique, and provide an additional layer of branding for businesses like ours.

How Do You Generate a Vanity Address?

Generating a vanity onion address requires specialized software and computational resources. For our project, we utilized a program called mkp224o developed by cathugger and available on GitHub. This tool is specifically designed for generating vanity onion addresses efficiently.

Generating Onion Keys using 128 vCPU Cores

The process involves leveraging the computational power of a 128 CPU core system from AWS, which significantly speeds up the generation process. By dedicating a substantial amount of computing resources, we were able to expedite the search for an onion address that met our criteria (several addresses with the prefix "astrovpn2", "astrovpn3", and "astrovpn4"). The program, mkp224o, utilizes advanced algorithms to systematically generate and test millions of onion addresses until it finds a match that satisfies the desired vanity pattern.

The Purpose of an Onion Address

Now that we understand what a vanity onion address is and how we generated one, let's explore the purpose behind these addresses and how AstoVPN intends to utilize them.

As a VPN service provider committed to user privacy and security, we believe in offering our users multiple avenues to access our website while maintaining their anonymity. The Tor network, with its focus on privacy and encryption, aligns perfectly with our mission. By hosting two Tor-based copies of our website, each with its own vanity onion address, we ensure that our users always have access to our services regardless of any potential disruptions in the network.

The use of vanity onion addresses adds an extra layer of convenience for our users. With a memorable and personalized address, they can easily remember and access our website, reinforcing our brand identity and providing a seamless browsing experience.

In addition to convenience, these addresses contribute to our overall SEO strategy. While traditional search engines like Google do not index onion addresses, specialized Tor search engines and directories exist. By optimizing our vanity onion addresses with relevant keywords, we enhance our visibility within the Tor network, reaching potential users who actively seek Tor-based services.


The completion of our vanity onion address project marks an important milestone for AstoVPN. By harnessing the power of the Algolia Startup Program and leveraging AWS's computational resources, we have successfully generated a fleet of unique vanity onion addresses. These addresses not only strengthen our brand identity but also ensure uninterrupted access to our Tor-based website.

As we continue to prioritize user privacy and security, our commitment to providing seamless and anonymous access to our services remains unwavering. Through the strategic implementation of vanity